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Edamame Touch Achieved on iPhone!

COLUMBUS, OH – August 25, 2010 Groovy! Touchdown! Yatta! Edamame Touch hopes to become a sensation in its lifetime. Today it was born into the App Store with a smack of approval from Apple.

"Edamame Touch exploded out of our brain. We made art and did programming that we didn't know we could do before. Normally we eat edamame, but this time it consumed us. We are proud to let it loose into the world's many app stores from Argentina to Vietnam."

Edamame Touch has bacon, robots, and tie-dye among its initial 25 beans to be found and is expanding with new beans monthly to please an unending appetite.

"We hope the world grows big and strong with consumption of this healthy green protein.”
Thank you iPhone and iPod Touch!

About Edamame Touch
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